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Goldwing Road Riders Association
Friends for fun, Safety and knowledge



Chapter Social: Social & Planning Meeting
Social Location: Primo 2605 Jackson St Oshkosh WI 54901
Time: Sunday, November 8, 2020 9:00 AM

Contact: Leo & Linda Prentice - 630-745-8861
wingfree48@gmail.com, lindaprentice7@aol.com

Chapter Website: http://www.gwrra-wi-c.com/


Dinner Social | Fall Dinner
Sunday, November 1, 2020 6:00 PM
Sunset on the Water N7364 Winnebago Dr Fond du Lac WI 54935

Social | Social & Planning Meeting
Sunday, November 8, 2020 9:00 AM
Primo 2605 Jackson St Oshkosh WI 54901

Chapter C Ride | Fall Ride to Wildcat Mountain Area
Saturday, November 7, 2020 7:30 AM
BP - Fond du Lac 948 S Rolling Meadows Dr Fond du Lac WI 54937


Social | Chapter C Christmas Party
Sunday, December 6, 2020 12:00 PM
Sunset on the Water N7364 Winnebago Dr Fond du Lac WI 54935

From The Directors

From the Directors,


The days are cooler with shorter daylight hours, but that does not stop Chapter C from riding.  What a great season it has been, even in battling the Coronavirus we have been able to stay safe and ride. The Fall colors in Wisconsin this year are spectacular and we have enjoyed at least two beautiful Fall rides, including our Fall overnight ride to the Wausau area.  Barb and Al Enderly planned the events, including over two full days of riding and a chairlift ride to the peak of Granite Mountain. A panoramic view of the Autumn colors was breathtaking from that vantage point. The “fun factor” at this activity was off the charts.


Chapter C continues to be busy with plans for the remainder of the year. A Fall Dinner, and a Fortunate Souls’ lunch (for retired people, and for those wanting to play hooky from work).  Our Holiday Dinner get together is set for early December.


The big event for November is our annual Chapter C Social and 2021 planning meeting. Our annual planning is one of the main factors that makes Chapter C the strong viable chapter it is year after year. Every year we survey members to determine their preferences relative to rides, social activities, and other “Fun Activities” to ensure another successful year.  In addition, this year we will use some technology. Given the Coronavirus many individuals are not comfortable in a social setting, even with masks and social distancing.  So we have scheduled a Zoom Meeting to make sure that all voices are heard. Good planning is good insurance for success.


Personally, I never put the “Wing” to bed for the Winter.  One never knows when there will be a 50-degree day, salt and ice-free roads in the middle of January.  An actual ride is a much better therapeutic treatment for PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) than going to the garage, sitting on your bike and making vroom noises.


As November close out, we celebrate one of our favorite holidays – Thanksgiving.  We have much to be thankful for: our families, our homes, our beautiful state for riding in, and the comradeship and friendship we’ve all made within Chapter C.  On that note Linda and I would like to wish each of you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.


Enjoy the Ride,


Leo and Linda

Wings Riding Wisconsin

September 20, 2020 – 109 miles
– All wearing safety gear – Submitted by Barb Enderby

Today we met at the Machine Shed for a ride to Waupaca to see a couple of covered bridges. We had 4 bikes from Chapter C, Al & Barb Enderby, Todd & Lori Schneider, & Lynn & Mary Randall, 1 bike from Chapter M, John & Jodi Moynihan, and 1 non  GWRRA member, Jordan(friend of John & Jodi). We took some nice roads and ended up at their Red Mill for lunch AND ice cream! Then we walked along the river to the covered bridge and chapel. From there John lead us to another covered bridge in King, stopped and took some pictures and from there we all headed home. All wore all gear! It was a great ride with great friends!!

September 20 ,2020 54 miles – All wearing safety gear – Submitted by Lori Schneider

Todd and I met Lynn and Mary Randall (3 bikes – Chapter C) at Kwik Trip in Oshkosh and took back roads to meet the rest of our group at Machine Shed. On our way back from Waupaca the 3 bikes split off at Hwy 45 and head back to Oshkosh.  It was a beautiful day for a ride and so nice to see some of our Gold Wing family! 

September 26, 2020 – 145 miles – All wearing safety gear – Submitted by Lori Schneider

Mary and Lynn Randall, Tod Hellman and Christine Hellman and Jerry Hempe met in Fond du lac and made a ride up to Oshkosh where they met Todd Schneider and Lori Schneider.  Todd lead part of the ride on back roads to Team Motorsports in De Pere until his GPS decided it didn’t like they way he was going.  After stopping for gas in Appleton, Lori lead the rest of the way.  (74 miles)

We then met up with others to ride with Al Enderby for the Chili lunch.

As the sky got darker we decided to head out from Al and Barb’s.  Tod Helman lead us on back roads and even found on overpass where we could hang out while the rain came down in buckets!  We continued on our ride where Tod and Christine continued on their way home by Sherwood and Todd, Lori and Lynn and Mary continued on their way, taking the lake road to Oshkosh where Lynn and Mary continued on to Fond du lac.  Another great day of riding with a wonderful Gold Wing family.  (71 miles)

September 26, 2020 – 68 miles – All wearing safety gear – Submitted by Al Enderby

A typical fall day it was not. Warmer than usual, but cloudy was the start of a ride to Al and Barb Enderby’s home for chili.


Leaving TeamMotorsports was a herd of 17 bikes, led by Al Enderby, included: Tod and Christine Helman, Todd and Lori Schneider, Vic and Julie Gabris, Carl Van Dura, Bob Campshure and Suzanne, Bruce and Bev Roehrborn, Lynn and Mary Randall, John and Jody Moynihan(non member Jordan), Ken and Leanne Hansen, Greg Meath and Jerry Hempe.


Riding some back-country roads, we headed west thru Freedom and headed north towards Shiocton. Highway 187 found us rolling through some nice curvy country roads. Heading east on 156 took us towards Pulaski where some more smooth turning rural roads had the group finally reaching their destination!


After parking and settling in, it was time for CHILI. The food was good, conversation was great, and the time spent was excellent! After all was done, rain was on the radar! And it rained on the riders on their way home. But it did not put a damper on the day!


It was a great day for friends, food and fun!


Oct 2 - 4, 2020 – 465 miles – All wearing safety gear – Submitted by Al Enderby

DAY ONE: Unseasonable temperatures could not stop our annual color ride to Wausau! 12 bikes and 2 cars left Team Motorsports on Friday, weather was mostly cloudy and in the 40s. Everyone had all their safety gear on (it helped to keep you warmer, that’s for sure!). Riding mostly back country roads we headed through Freedom and the north through Shiocton on some nice curvy roads headed towards Clintonville for lunch and a warm up at Culver’s!


Then it was on the road again! The roads were nice and curvy, just like the smiles on our faces when we finally reached our hotel! 121 miles showed on the odometer! We sat around in the lobby by the fireplace enjoying our time with each other. Then we ordered out pizza from a local shop and chowed down in the hotel’s meeting room. It was nice to spend time with everyone and get to know everyone better! A good end to a great day.

DAY TWO: Leaving the hotel we took a short little ride on the back roads to Granite Peak. This is where we swapped our bikes for the ski chair lift! Riding up to the top of the ski hill, one could not miss the colors that Mother Nature had bestowed on us. Beautiful!


Once again, 12 bikes and 2 cars; however, we picked up one more bike at the hotel-and a non member at that! Add in all the safety gear again!


This time a ride on Hwy 51 going north to Tomahawk got us quickly to our destination for lunch. The Tilted Loon did not disappoint! Food was tasty and service super! All fueled up and ready to hit the road. Hwy 107 along the Wisconsin River was fantastic, both curvy and scenic! Finally, back at the hotel, the odometer read 163 miles.


After some rest, we headed to The Wausau Mine Company for dinner. Once again, tasty went along with great service! I for one would recommend this place! A great time was had by all. Then it was back to the hotel and our usual hangout-the front lobby area! More laughs (ask Barb and Lori) and great conversation with great friends!


DAY THREE:  Leaving the hotel and heading for home we again had 12 bikes and 2 cars, with safety gear on!  Back roads we rode for a while, then Jerry Hempe lead the ride due to an unexpected issue with Al’s GPS.


Some nice back roads lead us to Black Creek where we pulled into a gas station to get our bearings before leaving on our separate ways. This ride was 181 miles.


What a great time this weekend ride had for everyone! Nice roads, good food, super conversation, and great laughs!


Can’t wait for the next one!


October 2, 2020 – 70 miles – All wearing safety gear – Submitted by Lori Schneider

Lynn and Mary Randall, Tod and Christine Hellman, and Jerry Hempe (3 bikes total) left Fond du lac to meet up with Todd and Lori Schneider (2 bikes).  From Oshkohs, Tod Hellman lead us on back roads to De Pere, Team Motorsports, where we met up with the gang to start out Fall weekend ride.  The colors were starting to change on our ride, but if the sun would have been out, they may have looked a lot brighter.

October 4, 2020 – 55 miles – All wearing safety gear – submitted by Lori Schneider

As we left the group in Black Creek, Todd Schneider lead the group (Lynn & Mary Randall and Lori Schneider – total of 3 bikes) back to Oshkosh going on back roads.  The sun was out but the wind was a bit chilly.  We had a great weekend with all of Chapter C and M.

October 6, 2020 151 miles - All wearing safety gear – submitted by Ken Hansen

On Tuesday Leanne and I went on a ride. There was 2 Gold Wings and 3 Spyders. We rode from Wautoma to Rosholt.  Took a break in Rosholt then rode to Waupaca and had lunch at Culvers. Then we headed for home after lunch. There were 7 people and some were not GWRRA members.  We rode 151 miles total.

October 10, 2020 – 137 miles – All wearing safety gear – submitted by Tod Hellman

Our after social ride left from Faro's Restaurant and ended at Gilles Custard, both in Fond Du Lac.  Realize, these two locations are about 5 miles away from each other. After a few "wrong" turns, the group of 9 bikes from Chapter C, 1 Bike from Chapter M, and 1 non GW member traveled 137 miles over the next 3 1/2 hours riding the beauty of the fall colors in the northern Kettle Moraine. We couldn't have asked for better weather....full sunshine & temps in the mid 60's.  A great time was had by all.


NOVEMBER Birthdays

Mary Randall - 6th
Bill Bannasch - 8th
Duane Crook - 17th
Leanne Hansen - 13th
David Krizizke - 29th
Mike Sippel - 16th

NOVEMBER Anniversaries

Bruce & Bev Roehrborn (9th)
Janet & Joe Lauber (11th)
Shirley & Daryl Kuenzi (27th)